Is SXSW's 2010 Darling Stickybits On The Outs?

Is SXSW's 2010 Darling Stickybits On The Outs?
During SXSW in 2010, the toast of Austin was tech start-up Stickybits,which allows users to attach digital content via barcodes to real world objects (just Google “SXSW Stickbits” and you'll discover unlimited crow to be eaten).
Read more on Forbes Signs Pacts With Four Top Music Labels was originally founded in 2009 as Stickybits by entrepreneurs Billy Chasen and Seth Goldstein. The company allowed big brands to put QR codes on their products offering rewards to consumers who scanned them. But the concept didn't catch on …
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Turntable.FM Gets Its Label Deals Done
The fact that Turntable was able to get deals done in less than a year — the company is the result of a well-documented pivot from something called Stickybits — says a lot about the newfound flexibility on the part of the music business.
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